US History
We will cover the expansion of the United States, the Civil War and lots of other exciting events
8th grade US History Syllabus


8TH Grade US History

Date:  January 14-17   (3rd Nine Weeks)    Week #_2_             


Monday:  family shoebox??  Parent volunteer letter?

E Pluribus Unum~~~Melting Pot or Salad Bowl??

Work on Family History---due tomorrow at end of class


                                             Shoebox, journal, clothes

Tuesday: Family shoebox?  Parent volunteer letter?

Last day to take Immigration Vocab Quiz

Family History---due at end of class today


                           Shoebox due tomorrow~~~clothes ~~journal

Wednesday:  parent volunteer letter?

Shoebox due today---group grade

Statue of Liberty information

New Colossus---memorized and recited by Feb. 5       


                                                      Clothes?? Journals??

Thursday: parent volunteer letter??

Journal---20 minutes

Trunk directions---due Jan. 28---group grade


Messages:  Are you getting excited?????

6th Grade
This year in World Geography we will be studying the Western Hemisphere

January 14-17               3rd Quarter                Week #2

Monday:  Red Umbrella pre-test

Spanish vocab

folding our paper into books



word list
Chapter 1-2



word list
Chapter 3-5---picture 1

                                                             Homework:  none


word list

Chapter 6-8---picture 2

                                                              Homework: none

Message: If you take the easy way---life is hard.

                   If you take the hard way---life is easy.