US History
We will cover the United States from the Revolutionary War thru the Civil War and beyond
8th grade US History Syllabus



8TH Grade US History

Date:  April 24-27                   Week #_6_             

                                           (4th Nine Weeks)


Chapter 25 Section 3 p. 717-721

Section 2 Class Quiz



Tuesday:  last day to take any Ch. 25 Quizzes

Chapter 26 Timeline p. 726-727

Chapter 26 Vocabulary---due tomorrow for a quiz




Wednesday:  Mrs. Stanley gone---be good!!

Ch. 26 Vocab Quiz---turn in vocab and quiz

Ch. 26 Section 1 p. 729-733---read aloud—think like Mrs. Stanley



                                    Re-read section for class quiz

Thursday: Rockies Trip—have fun!!

Ch.26 Section 1 Class Quiz

Ch. 26 Section 2 p. 734-738---class quiz



Messages: When you are gone, we miss you and we still do stuff.

6th Grade
This year in World Geography we will be studying the Western Hemisphere

April 24-27        Week #6

                         4th Nine Weeks

Monday---- Government Guide---Types of Government---Three branches of governmnet

Tuesday---- Three branches of government---Bill of Rights

Wednesday------How a bill becomes a law---Duties of citizens

Thursday-----Bill of Rights---finish other pages

Message: Everyday is here.  When you can't be here...find out what we did!!