US History
We will cover the expansion of the United States, the Civil War and lots of other exciting events
8th grade US History Syllabus



8TH Grade US History

Date:  October 23-26       Week #_2_             

                                    (2nd Nine Weeks)

Monday: Mrs. Stanley gone

Creating a Fakebook page

  Follow instructions



Tuesday: Mrs. Stanley gone

Work on Fakebook page





Presentations of Fakebook page



Thursday: Short Schedule

Costume Contest and Dance

Ch. 15 notes and Next Text stories



Messages: Please be on your best behavior—students who can’t will lose Thursday’s activities

6th Grade
This year in World Geography we will be studying the Western Hemisphere

October 23-26                     Week #2

                                         2nd Nine Weeks

Monday---- What is a fief?

                 homework:  none

Tuesday----Questions about fiefs on chromebook


Wednesday----work on fiefdom

                     homework:  none

Thursday----- Short Schedule---costume contest and dance

              We All Fall Down....

Message: Mrs. Stanley will be gone on Monday and Tuesday