US History
We will cover the expansion of the United States, the Civil War and lots of other exciting events
8th grade US History Syllabus


8TH Grade US History

Date: March 12-15                          Week #_1_             

                                                               (4th Nine Weeks)

Monday: 3 quarter Syllabus and Tinkle Tickets due today

Ch. 22 Timeline p. 636-637

Ch. 22 vocabulary---due tomorrow for a quiz


                                             Finish vocab for quiz

Tuesday:  NJHS induction---Congrats to all who made it

Ch. 22 vocab quiz---turn in vocab and quiz

Ch. 22 Section 1 p. 6369---read aloud                 Homework:


Wednesday: Awards Assembly---alternate schedule

Ch. 22 Section 2 p. 646-649---read aloud



Thursday: Talent Show---alternate schedule

Ch. 22 Section 3 650

Sufferin’ Till Suffarage---Votes for Women---Show B4U Go



Messages: Have a safe, wonderful and relaxing Spring Break

6th Grade
This year in World Geography we will be studying the Western Hemisphere

Information about the South America and Central America project can be found on the projects page

Syllabus 6th Grade

Date:  March 12-15      Week #__1

                                      (4th Nine Weeks)


Red Umbrella---finish pictures, synopsis, author's bio




Red Umbrella--post-test--word art



Wednesday: 3Q awards assembly

Red Umbrella---book due 20 minutes into class



Thursday: Talent Show

Red Umbrella---Operation Pedro Pan



Messages:We have lots to do this quarter....attendance is important!